YOUNGETEERS – Kick-off meeting in Rijeka

YOUNGETEERS – Kick-off meeting in Rijeka

On Thursday, 17th June 2021, in the Project Center of the company Subjekt in Rijeka, Croatia, the project YOUNGETEERS – “Young Volunteers in the Cultural Events - Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Crisis” was presented to the public.

It is a project approved as a part of a special Erasmus+ call for KA2 strategic partnerships in the field of youth, which aims to fund projects that provide solutions to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

The project has been implemented since March 2021, and the cross-sectoral partnership includes Subjekt (Croatia) as the project coordinator, organizations in charge of implementing the European Capital of Culture projects - Plovdiv2019 (Bulgaria) , Novi Sad2022 (Serbia) and Timisoara2023 (Romania), as well as the social cooperative Immaginaria (Italy) , the educational foundation Nausika (Poland)) and the association LARPifiers (Greece) .

The main goal of the YOUNGETEERS project is to strengthen capacity of organizations working with volunteers on some of the largest cultural programmes in Europe and to raise the quality of local work with young people and long-term cooperation among young people and cultural workers.

The project will build the foundations for recognizing the knowledge, skills and competences that young people acquire through volunteering in culture and related non-formal and informal learning processes and advocate greater structural support to build quality volunteer programs and ensure their sustainability at local, national and European levels.

This partnership arose from an informal network of European Capital of Culture volunteer coordinators, reinforced with 3 additional partners whose skills and knowledge in crisis management, mental health and personal development contribute to finding ways to work successfully with volunteers during the crisis.

During June 17-19, the partners took part in a Kick-off Meeting in Rijeka, and while some were not able to join in person, they still attended the meeting virtually. Until the end of 2022, the partners will work intensively on designing and testing innovative educational tools and methods based on the needs of volunteers and youth workers, which will strengthen the participating organizations and improve their ability to work with volunteers and support the development of high-quality sustainable crisis-resilient volunteer programmes. A manual will be published detailing the methodology used in this project, along with examples of good practice and lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis. The aim of the manual is to provide assistance to all organisations, institutions and non-formal groups that work with the volunteers in culture and to guide them in creating volunteer programmes resilient to crisis.

The partners also decided to open a Facebook group in order to communicate more with volunteer coordinators, mentors, youth workers, cultural workers and anyone interested in the topics of the project.


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